Jos (63 jaar)

Because my asthma symptoms have increased a bit lately during cycling and mountain biking, especially at the start, I thought it would be a good idea to take a Buteyko course. I was hoping to get “more air” and breathe even deeper. Already at the free consultation and the first course meeting it turned out that it was exactly different from what I was thinking. I learned to keep breathing light and not to gasp as deep air as possible, in order to build up CO2. My Control pause got better fairly quickly because of the exercises. I breath noticeably less heavily, also when doing sports. In addition, I am much more conscious about how I breathe. My exercise-induced asthma is now considerably less, my breathing much lighter. However, after a few months my Control pause reached a level that was lower than I had hoped for. I hardly saw any improvement, so I stopped spending enough time doing the exercises. Still, I do some basic exercises and sleep with my mouth taped.

Male Jos (63 jaar)

6 July 2019