Rates, reimbursement, and so on


Private individuals
Intake or future session, 60 min * €     95,00
Prepaid: 5 sessions of 60 min (€ 87,00) * €   435,00
Prepaid: 5 sessions of 60 min (€ 119,00) * €   595,00

* A partial reimbursement is often possible from supplementary health insurance. Ask your health insurer about this (psychosocial care consultations).

For business coaching and sessions paid for by the employer different rates apply. Inquire without obligation about the possibilities.

Payment & Cancellation

You receive an invoice per email after the session. If you choose a prepaid package, this package will be invoiced per email after the first session. The payment term is 7 days.

You can reschedule an appointment free of charge up to 24 hours before the appointment. You can cancel an appointment free of charge up to 48 hours before the appointment. If you do not cancel on time, the session will be charged.


I am a member of the Vereniging Integrale Vitaliteitkunde (VIV) and the Register Beroepsoefenaren Complementaire Zorg (RBCZ). The insurance companies listed below offer reimbursement from the supplementary insurance.

Listed below are health insurers that offer a partial reimbursement under certain conditions  The conditions concern, among other things, a daily maximum per session and the performance code for which the declaration is made. Things get changed regularly.

Please note: as of 2022, some health insurers no longer reimburse for children up to the age of 18. Check the insurance policy for psychosocial care up to the age of 18.

Disclaimer: Because each health insurer has its own conditions, it is advisable to first check with the health insurer whether the invoice is reimbursed. Check the reimbursement overview of your health insurer and the overview on which recognized professional associations and or therapists are listed. Of course, the (amount of) compensation depends on the supplementary insurance taken out.

  • CZ groep: CZ, CZ direct, NN, Ohra
  • Cooperatie Menzis: Menzis, Anderzorg, Hema, PMA
  • Achmea groep: Zilveren Kruis, FBTO, Interpolis, Avéro Achmea, Pro Life Zorgverzekeringen, De Friesland, OFZ Zorgverzekeraar
  • Cooperatie VGZ: VGZ, Bewuzt, Promovendum, National Academic, Besured, IZZ, Univé, ZEKUR, UMC
  • ONVZ: ONVZ, VvAA, PNOzorg

If you would like to seek advice, please contact me for a free phone call. Or book your first session directly. Via the ‘Appointment’ button, you can easily choose the time that suits you in my calendar.


Informed consent form

I work with an informed consent form. This means that I ask you at the outset to agree to this form, confirming that you have knowledge of the mutual rights and obligations. For children under the age of 16, both parents/guardians with parental authority must give permission.

In the privacy statement you can read how I handle your personal data. The privacy statement complies with the AVG (General Data Protection Regulation).

Complaint procedure

If you have a complaint and we cannot resolve it together, you can use this complaint form to contact my professional organization that uses this complaints procedure. As a member of this organization, I am also affiliated with a disputes committee. With this I meet the legal requirement of the Wet Kwaliteit, Klachten, Geschillen en Zorg.

Professional bodies

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