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For help and guidance on mental or psychosomatic issues.

Do you have a psychological or psychosomatic problem? You are welcome to contact me today for a free consultation.

Maybe you are dealing with stress, burnout, anxiety or panic, breathing difficulties or or hyperventilation. Or you might have difficulty processing a trauma or personal loss. I work with different methods to help you recover better and to increase your insight, skills and self-confidence.

My clients generally come for six to ten sessions. Most health insurers reimburse my consultations if you have an extra insurance for CAM. You can also follow a coaching program paid for by your employer.

If you would like to seek advice, please contact me for a free phone call. Or book your first session directly. Via the ‘Appointment’ button, you can easily choose the time that suits you in my calendar.


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Lisa Suurland MSc

Psychosocial therapist and coach

Since I started my practice in 2017, I have helped clients with different issues. I work with cognitive-behavioral therapy, and depending on the problem I combine talking therapy with EMDR, cognitive hypnotherapy or Buteyko breathing exercises. Furthermore, I offer a relaxation session with craniosacral therapy to address problems caused by physical tension. The method(s) I use during a session is always with your consent.

From my career as a HR consultant, I also give work-related coaching.

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Buteyko group course

Every two months I start a Buteyko group course. In four meetings (on location) you will learn to restore your breathing to a calm breathing pattern with the Buteyko method. For detailed information, go to:

The meetings are always on Friday, starting at 15:00 and finishing at 16:30 or 17:00.

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