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Short-term therapy and coaching for stress, anxiety and panic, pain issues and respiratory problems.

You may not be feeling so good for a while, and you would like to do something about it. Please let me invite you for an interview to see how I can help you. We will discuss your situation and what you want to achieve, and what you need to get there. Together we determine how we will work on this. Of course I listen and reflect on your story, but also you learn exercises to develop more insight and coping skills. Between sessions you will continue practicing these at home.

In general, about five to eight sessions are needed. My consultations are often (partially) reimbursed by the Dutch health insurance. Of perhaps your employer is prepared to facilitate you.

Body and mind

Thoughts, behavior, emotions and physical sensations are strongly connected.

When you have to deal with long-term issues, you usually do not know where to start anymore. One symptom sustains another. Your body is in survival mode, emotionally you are overloaded, you don’t sleep well, or you have little energy and desire to do anything. You may have breathing difficulties or hyperventilation, be anxious or constantly worried, or you suffer from (inexplicable) pain.

Feeling better again

Increase your insight and skills to cope with your problem.

First we assess your situation and then decide what we are going to do. It is important that we choose the right starting point, the issues – physical, mental or emotional – that you need to cope with or change first and for all. Of course, the therapy is focused on what causes your problem. You probably have ideas about this and what makes them go on.

Together we decide which method(s) we will use. I specialize in working with clinical hypnotherapy, EMDR and Buteyko breathing therapy. Sometimes a single method is sufficient, other times a combination works better. During the entire process together we monitor your progression.

What can I help you with?

Stress, anxiety and panic

Buteyko ademhaling chronische pijn

Chronic pain

Breathing difficulties

Methods I work with

Clinical hypnotherapy

EMDR therapy

Buteyko method

Lisa Suurland

Hello, I am Lisa Suurland

Registered therapist BCZ®

“Since I started my private practice I have helped clients with different issues. I am a member of (the Dutch) Buteyko Therapeuten Nederland, Vereniging Integrale Vitaliteitkunde and RBCZ. That means that my consultations are often (partially) reimbursed by the Dutch health insurance. If you a question or you would like to discuss your situation, feel free to contact us by telephone or by filling in the form below.”

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