Relaxt breathing is good for your health, sleep and vitality.

Healthy breathing at rest means breathing light, slow and deep, and always with the nose. However, you might not be able to do that very well. Perhaps you breathe quickly and deeply, you often sigh or yawn, you are quickly out of breath, or you have (vague) hyperventilation symptoms. It may also be that you have a lung condition such as asthma or you suffer from sleep apnea.

Respiratory problems can occur at all ages. Children in primary school can have breathing problems from a continuous nasal congestion, allergy or asthma. And with age, the symptoms rarely, if ever, decrease. Fortunately, with the Buteyko method real improvements can be made.

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Buteyko method

In my practice I work with the Buteyko method. The purpose of this therapy is to restore nasal breathing and normal, functional breathing patterns. To achieve this, you need to do breathing exercises daily for three (or more) months.

With daily practice you train the body to breathe more calmly. This will improve blood circulation, respiratory functioning and oxygen delivery to tissues and organs.

In addition, we look at factors that can negatively influence breathing, such as stress, what you eat and drink, degree of exercise or talking. Here too, adjustments are possible or necessary to breathe healthy again.

How do you breathe?

Doctor Buteyko has developed a simple test to see how your breathing is doing. This can be done by measuring the ‘Control pause’:

  • Sit up straight and breathe relaxed through your nose for a few minutes.
  • After a relaxed exhalation, pinch your nose: you stop breathing.
  • Wait until you feel the first urge to breathe again, let go of your nose and breathe in. See how much time has passed.

If your Control pause is below 15 seconds, your breathing is clearly disrupted. Between 15 and 25 seconds, your breathing is different from the medical norm. Between 25 and 35 seconds your breathing is already quite good and at 40 seconds it is optimal. (With children we use a different measure.)

Want to know more?

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More about Buteyko


In the intake session we discuss your situation and what you wish to achieve. At home you have already filled in the intake form so you are well prepared for the interview. If respiratory symptoms predominate, then a Buteyko course is the most obvious. If there are other important issues, breathing exercises can become part of a broader therapy plan.

The Buteyko course consists of five to six sessions with adults and of three sessions for children and young people up to 18 years old.

Rate and registration

On the rates for the various programs are listed. If it is part of a broader process, it will be invoiced on a consultation basis.

  • For private individuals: see the different rates on this page. Reimbursement from the supplementary insurance is often possible.
  • Different rates apply for business coaching or for sessions paid for by the employer.

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