Talking therapy

Talking therapy helps you to become resilient in life again.

For most requests for help, talking therapy is the basis. Below I briefly explain what I mean by that.

In combination with talking therapy I can use different methods. This depends on the problem, the symptoms you have and your experiences now and in the past. We work together, in consultation, to decide which methods we will use.

Most clients in my practice come between six and ten sessions. During our conversations I work client-oriented, insightful, and solution-oriented.

If you would like to seek advice, please contact me for a free phone call. Or book your first session directly. Via the ‘Appointment’ button, you can easily choose the time that suits you in my calendar.



Usually there is a reason, for example at home or at work, that has made you decide to ask for help. You feel the need to talk about it and think about yourself. We will talk to investigate your problem together and discover how you can move forward.

During the session we look at what you are going through, and how you feel and think about that. I empathise as well as possible with you, and together we investigate your history, your expectations for the future, and the reason(s) that you now have problems. The focus is on what your problem means to you personally. The goal is that you feel safe again to be yourself and to be able to develop yourself further.


An important question is what makes the problem persist. What mechanisms are at work that sustains the problem itself? This can have to do with bad experiences you had in the past, but also with habits or behaviours that you are not aware of.

To gain insight into your motives, your emotions, fears and needs, I ask you to tell what is going on inside you. I listen to you and give back what I have seen and heard. I act as a ‘mirror’ for you, making you more aware of yourself. This gives you more insight into yourself, and you will be able to make connections between certain experiences. I also reflect on the changes you go through in how you deal with things. This process strengthens your identity.


Being able to tell your personal story, feeling heard and seen, gaining insight into yourself … these are all keys to solving your problem. A final key is that of taking action, working purposefully towards a solution and putting it into practice.

I help you in your search for a solution and in working towards your goal. I see you as the expert of your problem. This means that I support and encourage you in using your strengths and resources and strengthening the skills you already have. You will also be given homework to observe certain situations and to practice other behaviour in those situations. Your sense of control and resilience increase.

Rates and registration

  • For private clients, see the different rates on this page. A partial reimbursement from the healthcare insurance is often possible.
  • Different rates apply for coaching programs for business purposes, or paid for by the employer.

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