Alex (62 jaar)

As a COPD patient, I have been experiencing a chronic lack of breath for many years. Lately that feeling of shortness of breath seemed to increase. When doing sports I noticed that my performance was deteriorating and I had more trouble controlling my breathing. Lisa, I know her from speed skating, alerted me to the Buteyko method. She immediately indicated she was not independent: “I have a practice in which I apply the method as a therapist”, she said. I started working with her and that’s the best thing I’ve done so far in 2021. The method is literally and figuratively a ‘breath of fresh air’. Although I have started quite recently, I already feel like I have regained control over my breathing. I experience the way Lisa gives her support as very pleasant. I recommend the method and Lisa as a coach to everyone, including the ‘completely healthy’ people who do not suffer from their lungs. Lisa thanks again!

Male Alex (62 jaar)

1 May 2021