A few months ago, I decided to start with Buteyko, which was recommended to me by a friend who had gotten rid of his asthma symptoms. Although I am also [...]


As a COPD patient, I have been experiencing a chronic lack of breath for many years. Lately that feeling of shortness of breath seemed to increase. When doing sports I [...]


Dear Lisa, I learned the Buteyko method with you a while ago. I'm only at the start of my experience, but I do expect a lot from it. Normally I [...]


At the beginning of this year I attented the Buteyko course. I had been feeling tensed every single day, and I had a panic attack once every week. My feeling [...]


Dear Lisa, it's been more than a year since I took the Buteyko course because of my heart condition: an irregular heartbeat and atrial fibrillation. I just want to let [...]


I started the course because of several symptoms of stress: poor sleep, hyperventilation and not being able to relax. After the intake interview with Lisa I immediately had a lot [...]


I started the Buteyko course in mid-March. From the first moment, it felt good. Lisa taught me a lot. I haven’t yet reached my goal, but I’m on the right [...]


I finished the Buteyko course yesterday. Because of my chronic hyperventilation I had all kinds of symptoms such as palpitations, being out of breath quickly, lightheadedness, tensed neck and shoulder [...]


I've been receiving treatment from the cardiologist for years because of an irregular heartbeat and atrial fibrillation, I was given a pacemaker in 2013 and had to start taking beta [...]


The year 2019 was a good year for me because numerous symptoms diminish due to the Buteyko breath therapy that I enjoyed with Lisa Suurland .... In 2020, what I [...]

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